See Smell Taste by Hering-Berlin
Mortar & Pestle Set

Distinctive, modern and elegant design that is not only beautiful but also functional. The wide base of the pestle allows optimum crushing while minimizing splashing. Hand-made by Hering-Berlin in Germany of solid, non-porous porcelain. Mortar: 9� diameter (base), 1.5� high. Pestle: 4�diameter (base), 5� high.

Peugeot Olivier Roellinger
Pepper Mill

The namesake mill for Chef Olivier Roellinger, a renowned expert in spices and seasoning and recipient of three Michelin stars. Crank and drawer handles are designed after boat winches � a salute to Chef Roellinger's personal passion for sailing. The traditional spice drawer is hollowed out to achieve a curved bottom so you can recover the freshly ground spices without losing a single grain. Helix-shaped mill mechanism is constructed specifically to grind whole peppercorns. The double row of case-hardened-steel grinding teeth guides and holds peppercorns for a perfect grind that is fully adjustable. To adjust, lift the spring tab and turn the thumbwheel. Grind stays set until changed. The opening allows switching easily between different types of peppercorns without having to unscrew the device. The mill alone, without the drawer, is used to grind spices directly over pots or bowls (like the old Peugeot mills). Made in France from a solid block of beechwood. Height: 5.25".

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